• Norway has a power production of close to 98 % from hydropower and wind power
    • Thermal power consist of the last two percentages
  • Norway is the world’s 6th largest hydropower producer and the largest hydropower producer in Europe
    • Highest share of electricity made from renewable energy in Europe after Iceland
  • Large investments within wind power and hydropower will increase the share of renewable energy even further

The Narvik region

  • Total of ~945 MW installed capacity 
  • Peak consumption in Nordkraft Nett’s grid of ~103 MW (area within red borders)
    • Installed capacity of ~500 MW
  • Nordkraft is the operator of ~337 MW of wind- and hydropower plants

Within Nordkraft’s grid system there is a total of ~500 MW of renewable energy production and only a peak consumption of about 100 MW. Both south and north of Narvik there is the same situation with a large amount of installed renewable energy production (hydro=black, wind=green) and limited consumption. In other words, a perfect place for new power intensive industries.

Source: NVE Atlas
Source: NVE Atlas