We appreciate Nordkraft’s ability in cooperation and solution oriented spirit. We have recognized their strong engineering and project management professionalism which is based on long-term production and network operations. Nordkraft has good experience to work with international companies when building transparency and trust. We can recommend Nordkraft as an industrial partner for others as well.


Kalle Schneider
Wind and Datacenter Development
Project Manager

 Nordkraft provide operational support to our portfolio of hydropower plants across Norway. The level of service we receive is excellent and as a financial owner we strongly value the partnership we have developed with the Nordkraft team.


Graeme Dunbar 
Investment Director

Aberdeen Standard


Nordkraft has a longstanding record of engineering and construction of hydro power plants in close cooperation with operational organisations, giving them a remarkable ability to design an optimize hydro power plants with a high utilization of the water resources and at the same time minimizing the O&M costs. 


Anders Diep-Lynne
Investment Manager, Aquila Capital