We are developing several sites from Helgeland in the south to Troms in the north, all chosen based on the benefits the sites present for power intensive industry. All sites have access to the Greenest. Cheapest. power. Northern Norway is chosen based on the fact that the region has the greenest power, the cheapest power and a large surplus of power, in addition to several other advantages. As Northern Norway is our home, we have the necessary knowledge on local and regional matters.

We do also cooperate with other developers and municipalities as we believe that all new establishments of power intensive industry in Northern Norway are of benefit for the region. 

Ready-to-build sites: The aim is to offer ready-to-build sites and being a facilitating partner within regional, power and site specific matters.

All you have to do is to build, plug and play!

We offer you:

  • Sites near urban areas – and high quality recruitment base
  • Renewable energy. Cheapest and greenest.
  • Redundant fiber connections
  • Norwegian power market expertise
  • Grid engineering and site solution
  • Operational services
  • Nordkraft’s development competence